I love

As a person I'm kind-hearted, positive and want to make people feel comfortable around me. I really strive for a good connection with my clients since I want to be more than just a photographer. 

I want to make your day even better because of my presence and make you feel beautiful! I always end up getting friends with my clients and that's what I love most about my job, since it not really feels like work. 

Eline nijburg




Photography has always been my biggest passion, but it has grown into something I wouldn't have ever imagined. Everyone knew me as the girl with the camera and they always encouraged me to go after my dreams! So I did!

I am a real dreamer, a big believer in manifesting and I always have a big goal in mind. Ain't no mountain high enough ;). I want to inspire people with my photos, but most of all I want people to relive their most important day forever. I'm happy to be able to capture so many beautiful stories, to travel the world with my camera and to have such amazing clients. I'm very grateful and I can't wait what the future holds and the wonderfull people I get to meet!

I believe passion is the biggest
 secret to a happy life